Foundations Course – Dao Needle Therapy

Dao Foundations Course teaches you the core foundation, principles, techniques and protocols of Dao Needle Therapy

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Master Class – Dao Needle Therapy

Introducing our exclusive continuing education course for acupuncturists, designed for practitioners who have completed the Dao Needle foundations class or higher.


Level 1 Online Course – Dao Needle Therapy

Level 1 uses teaches postural analysis, fascial mapping, biomechanical tests, patient positioning, corrective exercises, and advanced needling to relieve chronic pain and correct postural imbalances.

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Therapy Level 2 Course (Coming Soon)

Introducing our exclusive advanced continuing education course tailored for skilled acupuncturists who have successfully completed the Dao Needle foundations class or attained a higher level of mastery.


Treating Jaw and Cervical-Microlearning

Explore our partner website for additional continuing education class to enhance your skills!

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