Denver Level 1 Course October 14th-15th



Join us on the weekend of August 12th-13th for the Dao Needle Level 1 course, in Denver, CO!

Please keep in mind you must have taken the Foundations course to attend.


Dāo Needle Therapy: Revolutionizing Acupuncture for Lasting Pain Relief and Scar Tissue Elimination


Discover the groundbreaking Dāo Needle Therapy, an exceptional acupuncture technique renowned for its consistent success in eliminating stubborn pain and scar tissue. By combining Chinese Meridian Therapy with advanced musculoskeletal approaches, Dāo Needle Therapy utilizes specialized acupuncture needles and diagnostic tools to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern healing.


Experience the power of Dāo Needle Therapy Level 1 as it integrates postural analysis, biomechanical tests, patient positioning, a specialized needle, and corrective exercises to effectively alleviate chronic pain and restore optimal posture. Through the precise grading and treatment of ashi points, traditional meridians, and fascial meridians, Dāo Needle Therapy ushers Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian therapy into an exciting new era of healing.


Join our interactive course and unlock the secrets of this transformative needling technique. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying mechanisms and patterns that contribute to pain, empowering you to become an expert in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunction. Elevate your acupuncture practice and embark on a journey towards unparalleled expertise in the art of pain relief and musculoskeletal wellness.


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